Website Designing

Website Designing

Website designing plays a significant role, identical to that of advertisements. The consumers get influenced by having a view on your products and services which is demonstrated nicely and creatively. Also, a nice design constrain the consumer to inspect your website further and more intensively. The sole path to retain your customers engaged and to amplify your sale is to have good contents in your website and features should be easy to use.

Here at iNetwork99, we motion excellent and standard website design. We have experienced web designers who are aware of modish designing. They are encouraged with the quality of modernization and creativity. The foremost thing about our designing team is that they are every time prepared with infinitum opinions and potentialities. If you are in need of any creative aid, they are here to help you with proper suggestion. It is our goal to shape such innovations and creations for your company's website.

Website designing can be categorized in two different types :

Static Website designing

The website that doesn't have any dynamic server-side functionality or application logic is known to be Static Website. It consists of a series of HTML files, each one describing a hylic page of a website. That's why on static sites, each and every page is a separate HTML file. When you visit the homepage of the site, you are watching the actual homepage file. In a static website, when a user type the address and requests for the web page, the HTML coded information which is mentioned before appears for the user to be read or copied for further use. Static websites are used broadly only to confer the information that is already mentioned in the HTML source code. This information can't be transformed unless or until described in the source code of the HTML.

Therefore, Static websites are more suitable for the use of imparting the cluster of information like the pictures, facilities provided and rates of the hotels. It can only be updated by the person with a knowledge of website development. These are economical to develop and host, many small scale industries still use static websites to get a web presence.

Benefits of Static Website are :

  • It is easier to develop.
  • It can be developed quickly.
  • It is economical.

Dynamic Website designing

Dynamic Websites are utilized for advanced purposes to confer a resource for user interaction with the web page developer. Therefore, the articles of the web page that includes the texts, images and others types of information all can be changed time to time from user end according to their need. It uses server technologies to dynamically build a webpage. Whenever a user visits the page, a dynamic website can provide the owner the proficiency to update and add new materials to the site. Some features of dynamic website are content management system, e-commerce system, blog post forums, intranet or extranet facilities, proficiency for clients or users to upload documents, competency for administrators or users to create content or dynamic publication.

The Dynamic Website are very useful for the flow of data between the user and the web page, which is performed through complex HTML procedures. The users can upload the details in a dynamic website by their own, but it necessary for them to have a registration id and a password. There is no necessity to have the knowledge of HTML or any web designing skills to update and maintain such a website. In the present scenario, the websites are generally dynamic as they have user friendly interface and authorizes the users to upload the contents themselves. Dynamic websites may be costly and require expensive hosting, the process of its development might be slow but at the end the result is totally worth it.

Benefits of Dynamic Website :

  • It is easier to update designs.
  • Much more functional website.
  • New content rises the ranking in search engines.
  • More Flexible Data.
  • Is able to generate more traffic.
  • It is easier to update contents.