Social Media Outreach

Social Media Outreach

Through Social Media, we pave the ways to reach out to Brand Advocates and Brand Influencers. Someone who is passionate about a brand is said to be a Brand Advocate. It is essential for a brand to detect who are its advocates and the ways to retain with the advocates, so they keep on spanning the brand message. Brand Influencers are people who possess social capital with a social standing. By having with their social capital, a brand can be used to its maximum advantage. On Social platform, millions of fans and millions of customers may not be same but having similar views. That’s why we set up communities around the brand and generate partitions within the community.

There are two ways to create partitions within a community :

  • By finding out people who is likely to be engaged with every update. These are the persons who are Ambassadors/Advocates of the Brand. They have belief in your brand, people who eat, drink and use your brand. By providing them relevant content, freebies, rebates, temptations or invitation to an event, we can keep them involved in so they can keep on spanning the brand message.
  • By finding out people who visit brand pages once in a while. So it is mandatory for a brand to perceive a way to inflame their passion for the brand so they remain devoted to the brand. One way could be by generating programs for Brand Advocates or by using Brand Influencer’s social capital to give mileage to the brand.