Online Admission System

Online Admission System

Every academic year, large quantity of students queue up for collecting application forms to take admissions in various schools and colleges and again for submitting the filled forms. This leads to face problems in managing the application forms, results in irritation of parents and students as well.

The Online Admission Application System allows institutions to collect applications of the students through the web and the candidates need not to collect the physical form from the institution. Candidates are required to visit website of the institution to fill the application form and submit it online. The candidate need to enter their details once while filling the application form, resulting in reduced turnaround time for the entire admission procedure.

Challenges need to face during optimization of Admission process :

  • Maximize:
    • Availability.
    • Transparency.
    • Accuracy.
    • Reliability.
    • Productivity.
  • Design a Dynamic Process.
  • User Interactive / Friendly.
  • Real Time Report Availability.


For The Candidate

  • Easy visual interface
  • Multi lingual support
  • Auto fill to reduce risk of errors
  • Fee deposition both online and offline

For The Administrator

  • Manage large applicant base
  • Customise forms to specific needs
  • Collect fees online and offline
  • Monitor Application flow in real time
  • Send admit cards reliably
  • Engage with candidates
  • Define cut offs based on real data
  • Extend reach using social media
  • Review trends and patterns for smart decision making

Advantages of Online Admission Application System :-

  • Maximizes Availability - allows candidates to fill application forms according to their convenience.
  • Even Admit card can be downloaded from the institute’s website, which reduces time and resources.
  • Institutes no longer required printing & storing forms.
  • Institutes no longer require to collect forms from all the candidates and filling them manually.
  • Minimizes Data Redundancy - check will be performed so that only eligible candidates can apply. Moreover, the candidate data need to be entered only once.
  • There is no need of deputing personnel for addressing to candidates / guardian's query.
  • There is no need of deputing personnel to distribute and collect forms.
  • There is no need of deputing personnel to file the collected forms.
  • There are minimal chances of error than traditional manual way in processing.
  • The entire process is very dynamic – any change will be reflected in real time & will immediately reach the candidates.
  • The process is simple & user friendly.
  • Institutes can monitor the ongoing process.
  • Have day-to-day summary of progress of the admission.
  • Great Flexibility - Various types of report can be generated in quick time with minor changes in the design.