Negative SEO Services

Negative SEO Service

You all well know about the term SEO but what about the term negative SEO. There is a large disparity between negative and positive SEO. The effects of negative SEO is just reverse to that of positive SEO. In compare to attempt your site at the top of the search engine ranking, with negative SEO you will be attempting to drop the site ranking and even getting it penalized and de-indexed from search engines ranking altogether.

Is it feasible to do this? Yes, it is possible and is believed to be a huge difficult situation for the webmasters working in much competitive environments where this form of attack can take place.

Negative SEO process

Google and the other major search engines identify the significance of a site through the quantity and quality of its backlinks as a result improving in the ranking giving it authority and credit. It is very essential in SEO that how the website get those links. Together with many components including link diversity, how quickly the links arrive at the site, known as link velocity. The anchor text used and many other factors all contribute to whether or not Google consider this to be a natural link building process. It can be easily victim of the Google web-spam team if the links detected to be attained are not natural. A good SEO campaign protects and manages to rank a website safely. If there is any mistake or if the SEO campaign was implemented by an inexperienced company then the consequences can be fatal for the website.

Target website for attack

So we are aware of the process for performing positive SEO campaign through effective and safe linkage building. The process for negative SEO is totally reverse and attracts Google for penalizing as soon as possible. The selected website is examined for the keywords it uses and then bombarded with spam links carrying the same anchor text. These are completely spam links from substandard neighbours directly pointed to the website over a very short span of time. As a result, the site will be highlighted either by the Google algorithm or may be manually reviewed and be penalized with the result having a complete falling of target keywords and the entire site may be dropped and de-indexed from the search engines.

Who carries out Negative SEO ?

The person that are involved in this type of activities or who require this service are generally in highly competitive places where a lot of money can be made by being at the top of Google. Some people can revert to this method if their competitors are always in front of them. If you are either one of these or thinking to do so, we in fact suggest not to carry negative SEO. It would be preferable to spend your time and money on your own website to obtain rankings above your competitors.

The other reasons for indulging in negative SEO can be result of complaints, controversies or jealousy. The request for this service generally come from the persons having bad reviews or press circulatory on the internet wants to remove sites from Google. While this comes in one of our services 'Reputation Management.

Is negative SEO ethical or the right things to do ?

It is up-to you to decide this, all the times we advise sticking to positive SEO on all occasions, build up your sovereignty and you will be ranked. However for those who like to see a site taken down having no other choice, then this service can be beneficial but this cannot be guaranteed.

Will you be discovered ?

No, All the information that have been sent to us are private, highly confidential and will be destroyed once the service is completed. There is not any physical or electronic path for you to be discovered. However doubt can be another thing, for example if there are only two websites in competition for the same keywords and one suddenly gets attacked, then it is quite evident who is responsible for all this.

Can negative SEO take down any website ?

No, there are many demonstrative factors and if accomplished by non-professionals then may have the adverse effect. It rely much on the authority, age and profile of the targeted website. For example, if you have been asked for negative SEO to take down a major website such as BBC, then it is not possible, they have too much authority and no matter how much be the quantity of bad links are attached to their websites. They are capable of taking it and have measures to detect and deal with such type of attacks.

While on the other hand, if you try to perform negative SEO attack on a website or blog having poor link profile then there is a perfect chance of getting the site removed from the ranking of the search engine.