Google AdWords

Google AdWords Management

PPC advertising brings instantaneous traffic of users by putting you at the top rankings on the search engines. With Google accounting, AdWords is the most effective PPC advertising medium. It allocates the proper place for your site so that it can reach to maximum number of viewers. AdWords enrolment provides you the ability to test keywords accurately, complementing your present SEO policies.

The competition on large scale for the top keywords has made PPC mandatory for online marketing program. Ads and other Google branded results occupies large space on many high-volume and money-keyword searches. A policy that stabilizes appearances on these search engine pages, attached with large quantity of low-volume keywords, leads to a lower-cost and impressive PPC campaign.

iNetwork99 can get you started on AdWords, or rejuvenate your current AdWords program. Each PPC program involves complete development: from creation to optimization to management.

At iNetwork99, Google AdWords Management Services offers the following :

  • Keyword Selection and discovery
  • Creation of Ad Text
  • Optimization of Landing Pages
  • Track the Conversion
  • Submission of Ad
  • Monitoring of PPC
  • Cost Management of PPC
  • Modification in improving Campaign