Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Management

Facebook advertising represents an ideal supplement to any search-marketing program. Facebook is the major social media platform having billions of daily active users.

It characterizes a durable advertising platform that can help in spreading your message amongst the mass of users. Facebook users can be targeted by businesses in two ways :

  • Through the traditional pay-per-click (PPC) method. You can make an offer to get your ad seen on the sidebar in users' News feeds. Those links will appear to your own landing pages, permitting you to track leads and conversions from Facebook.

  • You are permitted to advertise directly in the News Feeds of relevant users, requesting them to visit and like your Facebook page. These ads is helpful in spreading your social reach, making more and more users aware of your brand and current promotions.

At iNetwork99, Facebook Advertising Management Services offers the following :

  • Keyword Selection and discovery
  • Creation of Ad Text
  • Optimization of Landing Pages
  • Track the Conversion
  • Submission of Ad
  • Monitoring of PPC
  • Cost Management of PPC
  • Modification in improving Campaign