eCommerce Solution

eCommerce Solution

Initiation of eCommerce

The Development of eCommerce, as we have experienced today has started 20 -30 years back. With the introduction of electronic transfer of money, ATM and telephone banking; various sector has taken a different shape in the industry as a whole, all sort of reservation like airways, railways are done electronically. These days we normally associate eCommerce sites for buying or selling and product or services with secured gateway electronically. For example: buying laptops, booking railway tickets or buying books all sort of transaction can be done electronically and smoothly with the process of eCommerce. Even on line bill payments process can also be handled easily with the help of eCommerce.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce website can categorised mainly into two types first is website related to business to business & business to customer in short we can term as (Business 2 Customer & Business 2 Business); both of them has got independent attributes B2B is commonly used. One is widely used for business solutions and various kinds of transactions in the place whereas the B2C is used for shopping electronically, sales and purchase of books electronically or any other items electronically. eCommerce website always looks attractive and also a very economical source of marketing and advertising. We can reach customers across the globe in a very short span of time and make use of it a particular time frame. eCommerce is the best technique for showcasing any product or services with attractive design from remote location which is time saving as well.

eCommerce Applications and its relevance

eCommerce can be used almost anywhere in the world ranging service industry to manufacturing plants from procurement to marketing of goods and services, collection of payments, eCommerce can be used widely in all the domains across the world.

eCommerce Development sourcing

iNetwork99 provides essentially all services related to developing eCommerce solutions for your B2B or B2C requirements of any business, covering all aspects of the business.