Bing AdWords

Bing AdWords Management

Over the last three years, Bing's share of the search market has grown with just 20 percent of all searches going through Thus having PPC opportunities in your businesses that are commonly look across in AdWords-centric programs.

Google might capture the maximum share of search traffic, but people also search Bing billions of times in a month. There are abundant of untried PPC potential within those searches i.e. incisive minded businessperson could seize new leads and conversions while the others continue to neglect Bing's high-volume search.

iNetwork99 can get you started using Bing PPC services or rejuvenate your present campaign. We can help you by obtaining the most of your search advertising on Bing with creating ad, optimizing and managing your services.

At iNetwork99, Bing AdWords Management Services offers the following :

  • Keyword Selection and discovery
  • Creation of Ad Text
  • Optimization of Landing Pages
  • Track the Conversion
  • Submission of Ad
  • Monitoring of PPC
  • Cost Management of PPC
  • Modification in improving Campaign